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May 27, 2014


From The Amazing Steve, last night:

I'm sitting here writing the recap, and wild life attacked.  At first I thought it was Audrey and jumped ten feet.  Check out the picture.



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The warmth of your boxers forced him into the open.

Shoot it in the thigh(s)!

What, no "a Florida driver's license is on the way" tag line?

I was hoping for super powers from that thing too.

Are the terrorists bugging the computer? I thought they were more technologically sophisticated.

Maybe it's a new Apple technique to remind Steve he needs to update Safari.

was he web hosting ?

we were trying to figure out if there was a mohel on 24 last night,
but there were no tip-offs

Maybe the scene was cut, ligirl

maybe, steve, but it's just a matter of time til jack plays whack-a-mohel

Wouldn't it be ironic if it bit him in the finger and his mother had to cut his finger off ?

GAH! Is that what I think it is?

Dave, please don't post photos like this. It merely serves to encourage Apple that people really use their computers...

Congratulations, you've been scared by a harmless jumping spider which was probably attracted to movement on your computer screen.
They chase laser dots but you don't want to know what happens when they catch them. The horror!
No, wait. There's only horror if you happen to be a fly.
If you don't like flies, these spiders are incredibly cool.

Re Steve's (no relation to Amazing Steve) comment about harmless spiders: I have a male friend that is always telling me that certain spiders and snakes are nothing to be afraid of and in fact they're friendly! I don't give a d@mn if they bring me a Whitman's Sampler and tell me I'm pretty. They'd better leave me alone if they want to live.

"Oh, thank God, it was only a spider."


Cindy, what if they bring you fly?

That's what Peter Parker said...

Thefe must have been bug in the software

SMACK! There, gone. YOu can come back in now.

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