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May 29, 2014


Topless travel photos are the latest social media trend

(Thanks to Craig Roberts, who says "Beats the hell out of planking.")


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Bait and switch...

Can I please have the last three minutes of my life back? Thank you.

I miss planking.

They do this down at the old folks home every Friday

HEY! Summa them chicks is dudes!


A long time ago (before SH lawsuits), a co-werker had a sticker on his tool chest that said, "If it's got tits, or wheels, sooner or later, you're gonna have trouble with it."

Whut? Blame HER, not me!

Everyone has seen that one guy on the beach who looks like he's smuggling a bear.
He can keep his shirt on.

Where is that photo rotater button thingee the NFL uses on replays. That would come in handy about now.

I do not want to see 99% of the world topless, and looking for the 1% is too much work, where is my beeeer.

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