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May 29, 2014


Ms McVee's ordeal began on Tuesday morning when she awoke at 5:45am with what she assumed was her Chihuahua Tori nuzzling her, but quickly realised what was latched onto her neck was much thinner, reptilian and a metre long.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Note the city: Humpty Doo

I've always considered chihuahuas to be rather reptilian myself.

I guess I don't want a Chihuahua. It looks like a snake

But Ms McVee doesn't hold any ill feelings to the snake that took such a liking to her. "You can't kill it," she said.


I noticed that too, Steve. What, did they run out of real names in Australia?

This story would read a little differently if this happened to me. First of all it would say, "The late nursecindy's ordeal began on Tuesday. She will be remembered fondly by her friends and family."

Let's slither and shake, doing the carpet snake.

Her husband raises snakes outside, you say?

'you can't kill it'

hon, not only can I, I can fire up the grill and get out the hot sauce!

A snake in my bed? The bed could never be used again. And the snaked would be, er... "drowned"

So is the article saying she just lets any snake into her bed? OMGoish!

Is this a Freudian-sexual metaphor ?

I probably would have awoken screaming like a little girl. And reaching for my shotgun.

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