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May 29, 2014


Man attempts to stick up Florida bank using a stick

(Thanks to Ralph, and Bob Brogan)


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And all he got was a wooden nickel.

And then he said:

This is a *real* stick up!

No, wait! Don't laugh at me, I've got a gub,,,,

it was a branch location

He tried to dodge the police but wasn't limnber enough

Send him to CA where He'll have to wait his turn where attempted armed robbery with a stick is concerned.

"Darn, I knew I shouldn't have left my gub at home."

Even less fearful if it's up his butt, which is something he should get used to where he's going.

If he branches out yo Kalifornia, he'd have to rob a bank in either Oakland or Lynwood.

^to, not yo. Sorry. Late and tired. If only I wood rest.....

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