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May 22, 2014


World's First Drinkable Sunscreen Introduced

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Mad Dog 20-20 also vibrates your skin molecules. And it makes you invisible. Until you puke.

Drink a bottle and go BASE jumping.

"Vibrate on the skin"?

Are you sure this isn't a new brand from the "Dude Wipes" company?

Wait, they're not all drinkable?

So, no more heart burn?

SPF 30 proof?

Does this mean they're not going to make the one that grows hair, does household chores and makes 80 year old men irresistible to women anymore ?

They can stick it where the Sun don't shine.

Confusing sunscreen with Maalox has always been a problem.

Banana Daiquiri Boat?

Just a spoonful of bullsh*t makes the tanning oil go down, the tanning oil go down . . .

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