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May 28, 2014


You can finally buy a cardboard cut-out of an elk’s butt

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Send the elk's butt to Washington DC it will fit right in!

I've been trying to locate a moose's for years.

I saw it warming up for Iron Horse back in '75. Helluva show.

Very popular in West Va., I hear..

I thought it was a Kardashian's.

Well, my Christmas shopping is done!

If you go to OfficeMax or KInkos, you can supply a
photo to be blown up and printed on a cardboard, but
I believe you would have to cut it out yourself. But
usually it is under $50.


I've owned one for years ... it's presently on loan to a friend ... who happens to be a curator of an Art Gallery, besides an elk hunter ...

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