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May 29, 2014


Squirrel Tissue in Buttock

(Thanks to J.R. Absher)


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So this involved a teenaged boy in Florida. What are the chances?

i thought gerbils were the 'rodent of choice' . . .


And this individual will be voting soon. Not sure if the whole Bubonic Plague thing will come in to play before he procreates.

I saw the Buttock Squirrels warming up for the Boomtown Rats back in '81. Helluva show.

I thought this story wold involve setting on a tiny box of Kleenex. Surely squirrels get colds too?

It raises the question of who was "squirrellier:" the rodent or the teenager.

It also raises the question of how big the squirrels get in Florida, if he needed 12-gauge buckshot (as opposed to, say, a good .22 or a .410) to "hunt" them.

And how the hell did he shoot himself in the ass with the shotgun when he was (presumably) facing the squirrel while trying to knock it out of the tree with the buttstock? Clearly the boy must have his own brains back there, to go along with the squirrel's and the buckshot...

Great McCally Culkin shot! I assume was this was the
"before" picture?

Am I the only one having difficulty visualizing the mechanics of how this happened?

Squirrels taste good with BBQ sauce

I'll take the one that wasn't where this critter ended up though.

While he was using the stock of the 12 gauge to dislodge a dead squirrel from an overhead tree limb, the gun fired, sending pellets through the back pouch of his hunting vest (containing other dead squirrels) and into his butt. It was the dead squirrels in the vest that really saved the kid's ass. http://www.hindawi.com/journals/criem/2014/342914/

"How did he ... ?"

It is a puzzlement ...

Oh, come on, now. Has there ever, in the history of mankind been ANY teenage boy where a parent or other authority figure hasn't wondered, "How on earth did he do that?"
Followed quickly by, "Teenagers!"
The question, "Why?" has been noted but is not usually considered applicable.

Darwin missed it by just this much, [].

He got a little tail after all.

AND we learn again that no task should be performed with the butt end of a gun, use your forehead JEB

Diagram, please.

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