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May 27, 2014


Man Drives into River, Blames GPS

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck)


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Probably listening to The Talking Heads.

Recalculaing route.

He was plying an audio tape of poetry. Specifically, Frost's 'The Road Not Taken'. Unfortunately, he wasn't listening.

He couldn't very well blame PMS.

Doesn't surprise me a bit. People who can't stop fondling their phones now can't find their way out of their driveways without blindly relying on GPS.

Sort-of-related story: A few years ago, Michigan did a big rebuild and redesign of Interstate 94 in Port Huron, where the freeway ends and connects to the Blue Water Bridge into Canada. The old interchange configuration was left lanes to Port Huron, right lane to the bridge. The rebuild changed that -- now it's left lanes to the bridge, right lanes to a new exit ramp into Port Huron. Despite THREE SETS of overhead signs with down-arrows clearly showing which lanes for each destination, numerous Port Huron-bound drivers who hadn't yet updated their GPSs ignored the signs and went to the left because that's what the GPS instructed -- and promptly found themselves heading into Canada. This was happening so often that Customs implored the state to do something. The state replaced the new overhead signs with newer ones displaying American and Canadian flag graphics to try driving home the point, and posted additional signs bluntly stating "YOUR GPS IS WRONG -- FOLLOW POSTED SIGNS." It's helped, but I hear there still are instances of drivers ending up in the wrong place.

Great story wander. Could be a secret plot to steal US citizens....like reverse illegal immigration.

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