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May 27, 2014


I apologize for the lack of posts, but today Dylan Maxwell Barry had his bris, and it turns out that the tradition is that the grandfather holds the baby. So I need to lie down for a couple of months.


DSCF1877 copy


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And mazel tov.

Don't worry -- he won't hold it against you. Be sure to destroy all photos/videos.

This reminds me of a joke:

Guy runs into a barber shop and says "Bob Peters here?"
Barber tells him "No, just shave and a haircut."

Don't know why I thought of that.

♫ it gives you something to think about,
something to drink about.
Drink, l'chaim, to life!

- swiftly fly the years . . .
one season following another
laden with happiness -

and beer


Relax and think of it as little Dylan having the cover of his Humbucker removed.

A Baptist minister, a priest and a rabbi were discussing who among them was the most effective clergyman. They decided to hold a contest: Each one of them would go out into the woods and attempt to convert a bear. The three of them would then meet three weeks hence and tell their stories.

Three weeks later, the clergyman met at the appointed time.

The minister spoke first. "I found a bear and preached the gospel to him, and next week he's coming for his baptism."

Then it was the priest's turn. "I found a bear and taught him the catechism. Next week is his first communion."

The two men then looked at the rabbi, who was in a full body cast and had every exposed skin surface covered with bandages.

The rabbi thought for a moment. "Maybe I should have skipped the bris...."

Ouch. Have a beer, Dave!

Hopefully you didn't get splashed with blood or pee Dave. Those little guys can let loose at the worst times. I'm sure he'll forgive you. Eventually.

Forgot to add Mazel tov!!

Congrats Dave.You can use my couch to lie down, if you want to make a trek to ND.

They conned you with that?! (rabbi writing here) Anyone can hold the baby and does.

Mazel tov!

Wow; when I hear Dylan Maxwell Barry, I immediately think "there's a boy who needs a bris"

Years from now, you and he will have a good laugh about it.

The sandek is one of the few males attending the ceremony who can't reflexively cross his legs :->

Mazal tov again!

Why? Did you have yourself done at that same time?

Mazel tov! Dylan gets more amazing by the day. (I'm sure his Grandpa thinks it's by the hour, if not the minute.) Thanks for sharing the photo!

Did grandpa also explain that this is not a weekly thing? (I'm assuming it's not; I was raised Methodist and we just didn't do that)

Mazel tov. I've been to them but never had the (ahem) honor of holding the baby thank God.

He doesn't look any the worse for wear, so well done.

Hey, you could have had Ed Ames do it.

Next time, have it done in a Royal Deluxe II.

"So smooth you could circumcise a baby in it."

Mazel tov! I hope Dylan recovers faster than I did -- I couldn't walk for a year.

Yes, I know it's old.

Either the Yarmulke is too big or the baby's too small.

Ralph stole my joke. Bad Ralph! I was once called out of the emergency room to work in the nursery at the hospital. I had to help with several circumcisions that day. I had to lay down for a week and I'm a girl! At least beautiful Dylan won't remember anything about this. Grandpa Dave will but Dylan is safe.

*resists combining two of the blogposts to make a pun on bris kit


And Mazel Tov!!!

*snork* @ oneblankspace - my thoughts exactly - i resisted mentioning anything about a 'mohel' under this beautiful baby's picture...but a spider on a computer screen is fair game ;)

We're going to need a smaller yarmulke.

Nice hat.

Queasy down under, too. What?

And cute pic!

Keep them coming until Mrs. Rob smashes the grampcam.

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