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May 24, 2014


He already has one.

(Thanks to anonymous)


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Jut tell him it's a gun-free zone

But, JG, it's Floriduh! Guns are a requirement of residence, no?

Hint: Fathers Day is coming.

It is probably best that I not have one of those.

...Well, if the cops can have a friggin' MRAP, why can't I have a jeep with a pedestal-mounted fifty?

Hey, they're civilians too...


This is off topic but: Dave you now have a new fan here in N.C. I went to our used bookstore today and noticed one of your books was on the shelf. It was "Dave Barry's Book Of Bad Songs". Remember that one? The college student behind the register said he had never read any of your stuff so I strongly encouraged him to give it a try. When I first came in the store he greeted me and offered to help me find whatever I needed. When I left he was so engrossed in your book, and laughing so hard, he was now only gesturing towards the books when new customers came in. He was also listening to the Rock Bottom Remainders on youtube.com. He said you were wonderful! Now back on topic.
Wes S. and Loudmouth, you can't have one because you don't need it.

Same thing happened to us in East German before the reunification. It was 1974 and my dad took a wrong turn, and before you know it...we were inside the
Communist Zone....

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