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May 29, 2014


Gran's corpse on display in rocking chair


(Thanks to Ralph)


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And yet laws are passed to prevent my innocent plan to have my ashes scattered over a large outdoor food event. Sigh.

Are little kids allowed to sit on her lap ?

I almost sent that but figured you'd be all over it.

Weekend With Abuela?

I am going to have nightmares.

Drac --
Maybe you should ask for a pint to go

What an interesting converstaion peice!

In the south, according my Alabama neice, gran would proudly be displayed on the front porch this way. And
if the family had money, they would hook a motor and pully up to rock the chair.

Maybe they should commission artist http://www.bocamuseum.org/index.php?src=blog&srctype=detail&blogid=47">Duane Hanson to Make a "sculpture" based on granny.

He toured the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City, and
many many people went up to bug or ask questions of
the "security guard" because he looked so realistic.
Many thought "he must be deaf."

Duane Hanson

corrected link

I for one was extremely happy to learn that she wasn't in Florida!

Again all idiots please stay out of the stage, we have an ample supply dummies already!

So they propped her up there because she spent so much time on it while alive? Does that mean my corpse'll be propped up on the can?

I think FredKey's onto something. I suspect that the undertakers couldn't bend Gran into any other position and they tried to pass this off as "creative."

Deep meditation?

Except for the dress, that reminded me of my Daddy "watching" golf on TV.
He always said you couldn't buy a nap like that.

She's meditating.

There was the guy a while ago who was displayed and buried on his beloved motorcycle.

Knowing my sister, if I go before her she'll probably dress me up in drag.

Pining for the fjords?

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