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May 03, 2014


Get ready.


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Really, really ready!


How can they call it "24"? Shouldn't they call this reboot "12"?

Incredibly, indubitably, immeasurably ready!!! I started blurking yesterday, seeking some acknowledgement that we, this happy band of warriors, could again assemble in our various time zones, and ruin the "plot" for people on the west coast.

This time I've even got a table for my laptop so I don't have to sustain severe neck damage from trying to watch over my shoulder while keyboarding.


Hostage OMG

I have never seen the show, but I will be watching' Anytime a woman wearing enough eye makeup to cover a tennis court makes herself available for viewing I'm there.

Entire forests have been decimated in preparation for the new and improved Wooden Dialogue Generator. I stand .... Ready!

Ka-chung... Ka-chung... Ka-chung... Ka-chung...

Should we form a perimeter?

Meanie, I heard that Fox did NOT have the money for
an improved WDG. So, that said, rumor has it they did hire some kindergarden kids, and like that "adorable" AT&T comercial, asked the kids what should happen. which of course, the few writers they imported from Crimea.... did the opposite!


I only counted 203,800 dead terrorists.

I lost count of the dead terrorists somewhere around the 100K mark, so I'll take your word for it.

...Alas, family obligations will likely keep me away from Monday night's liveblog, but I'll be checking in after, hopefully once Steve posts the recap.

At last, a competent grizzled psuedo law enforcement individual tracking down bad guys, not like Ryan Hardy, whose cohorts shot people in the face and chest instead of the thigh for later torturing questioning. And once Ryan Hardy caught up to the bad guy and put a gun to his head, HE CRIED AND LET HIM GO! Jack Bauer doesn't show that level of sympathy.

Sympathy!?? Blue...there's no TIME!!!!

Where's Behrooz?

¡I hope they visit Carrrrrrrrrrnaby Asada Street!

How can they call it "24"? Shouldn't they call this reboot "12"?

Maybe they could've called it "Ha'day"? Or "Farthing"?

Daylight Savings (There's-no-)Time!!

I'm ready with my Waffle House Pitchfork O' Doom. I will transcend the West Coast time challenge, since I'm from the lumber mill that generates the wood that makes that wooden dialogue generator so darned woody.

I am just happy to see the old gang here! And to play with Jack's Sad Sack (TM) again!

Hurray! It's Lumber Jack Sack Day!

Which occurs on May 5th this year, the American-Mexican festival marking the redundantly-named town of Pueblo's defeat of the French Culinary Legion, and observed by dumping the foreigners' condiments down the drain.

¡Sinko de Mayo! ¡Ándale!

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