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May 26, 2014


Because of travel/family matters I may not be able to watch tonight's episode of 24:Shoot Another Thigh with you live, though I will try. In any event, I'll post a plot summary later today, and as always you're all encouraged to comment during the show. Also as always we hope The Amazing Steve will take whatever amazing drugs he takes to provide his amazing recap.


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Dave, new babies are always more important. Just remember to stock on on reclosable plastic babgs and three ounce bottles of liquid before you head to the airport.

Remember, The TSA is on the case!

Just joking, really!

I'll be there!

*Sets perimeter around Typepad*

jack bauer does not let the news of the birth his 1st grandson* stop him from saving the world, dammit! : the show must go on!

*enjoy, dave - & yes, 'family matters'

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