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May 26, 2014


Here is where we stand:

Jack Bauer, having spent the entire last episode failing to upload or download some damn thing to or from Chloe, finally decided to let CIA Agent Hot Person talk him into surrendering to the Marines, although there is no question that, had he wanted to, he could have defeated the entire U.S. Marine Corps using only his feet.

Meanwhile Evil Creepy Terrorist Game of Thrones Mom now has the Secret Device that controls U.S. drones, which will be piloted by her son-in-law, who has graciously agreed to help out in exchange for his wife getting to keep the remainder of her fingers.

President William Devane continues to carry out the 24 presidential tradition of not having any idea what is going on. Audrey and Audrey's simpering douchebag husband Mark continue to be extremely tiresome. 

Edgar is still dead.

I will try to join you tonight, but either way you should feel free to comment on the plot, if you find one. Stay tuned in the comments after the show for the recap by The Amazing Steve.



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If your Mom spied on you having sex and then chopped your finger off, would you keep working for her?

And how would you tell her "No"?

jeff - you mean pinky & the brain ?

*snork* @ Audrey's pic and AAAAAAACK at "you know who"!

oh look -- functioning type-pad -- it's a memorial day miracle!

Ba-dum CHING! Yup, it's going to be that kind of night. I can tell.

Great recap/pix links, Dave! Looking forward to tonight's great episode, where President William Devane walks down a long hallway and meets with.....Jack!

Hey, maybe they'll all go crash the Kimye festivities...

just caught up with Steve's hilarious recap from last week - great to see his amazingness is back up to warped speed !

Jeff, if I were the daughter it would be a little difficult to continue working with mom. Let's just say she'd be a little tied up for awhile if it were up to me.

Checking in. Ready for perimeters and thigh shots.

Brace yourselves for the song of the night in my intro!

Watching the pre-show (Master Chef), I'm surprised that Gordon Ramsey isn't having them cook up some finger food for tonight's "24" episode...

I'll try and type faster tonight.

Hi everyone! Have to catch last week's recap. Without it, I'm lossssst.


J A C K B A U E R P O W E R H O U R !

(To "Let It Go" from "Frozen")

{Sing it for us, Idina!}
The blood is wet on the asphalt today
And it's only been an hour
The British want POTUS' head
But they really should look at Bauer.

Brit's House is howling like some bloodhounds in their stride
Can't reign them in, Heller forgot he tried

{British parliament now.}
Don't let him kill, don't let him be
He'll kill all the people that he can see
Arrest, protest, don't say hello
'cos he's a foe...

{Jack, shout it!}
Let me go! Let me go!
Can't hold me long if you tried!
Let me go! Let me go!
If not for me you'd all've died!

{White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau interrupts.}
We don't care
What Bauer's got to say.
Let the drones fly on...
Legalities bother us anyway.

{Take it from here, Idina.}
It's painful how some knee shots
Make his toils seem banal.
Look, terrorists that once fought him
Are dead and can not LOL.

Now's time to watch what he will do.
He has no limits to break through.
No right, no wrong, no laws for him,
He's grim...

Let him go! Let him go!
He's the one with knife and gun.
Let him go! Let him go!
He'll never use a pun.

"Here!" he screams.
And there they'll flee.
Let the drones fly on...

No perimeters, please, there's no fooling around.
His gaze is all piercing, seeing their weak spots, strike them down.
And no thought is given to his kills amassed.
He's never going back,
The passed are in the past!

Let him go! Let him go!
And he'll kill to the end of time!
Let him go! Let him go!
He'll prevent a war crime!

There he sits,
Held there by duct tape.
Let his thoughts rage on,
He'll still say "Go to hell!" and escape.

Brought to you by: JackSack™ ("JackSack™ will never be frozen out of a thigh shot!") and ChloeSack™ ("ChloeSack™ thinks that JackSack™ could keep a snowman cold in summer.")


This "24" intro was brought to you by Awwwwwwww. 'nuff said, besides congrats, Dave!

Testing. 1, 2 there is no 3

BraVO, thc!

Knee shots! Drink! (Close enough)

testing 123....Agent Kate Morgan is hot...

Jack's so good he can get other people to bust him out for him.

Up the chain, oh NO.

Evening, Y'all

They're all gonna die. Jack's upset.

Oh, well, from thigh shots to finger cutting...now we need a wrist amputation!

Hey. everybody! Checlinh in...

Baier did not have the flight key, or the restroom key.
He's getting ready to shoot someone...

Where oh where is she going to find a 4G network in the US Embassy in London???

So Chloe has to walk Lady Jack through tech stuff? she must be thrilled ...

These people must have amazing data plans on their phones.

Buckle up for safety!

So hot agent and Chloe are working together! GIRL BAUER POWER!

Of course, she'll walk right out the front door with the precious flight key...

4G network on a Windows! Rrrrright.

They need a license plate that is WWJBD.

Can things *get* a lot crazier? And an upload that actually restarts?!? Only Chloe can do that!

Chloe's working with Hot Agent? I thought Chloe was
mad at gumnmit...

and by the way Typepad is in a funky mood...

Did Chloe try for the lead in MALFICENT ?

@ Genn

shhhh -- don't point that out ...

Yeah, Dave's right. She can totally have a Simpsons cameo now.

flesh wound - suck it up

No card for Mother's Day next year!

That's the kind of mom that would make you lick the beaters while the mixer is still running.

She'll do the rest

I do the Rock, Rock

Nice, cindy.

@ cindy

or actually go play ... in traffic ...

she wants to give her mom the finger so bad

oh, wait a minute ...

I would have searched her personally for that flight key if I read in charge.

She's a good mother in her own way.

I hate to see what she'd do to a child who sucks their thumb...

-snork- Cindy!

Is Terrorist Mama using 4G network too?

@ lig

technically, that one is still intact ...

Chloe is not happy with hackerboss-dude.

"A mother shouldn't have to go through that"? Really,
creepy mom?

She makes the WIcked Witch of OZ look like a freindly
version of your next door neighbor!

I am here to remind you all the Bedeviled Doom Dot is still at the bottom left hand of your screen, just below your Post Button. ;)

the chloe kardashian makeup is just old now

I bet they sent an animated GIF version of the override code.

@ genn


//oh wow, now I'll never be able to not see it

The BDD is watching us all...

Override code!

"That looks like an override code."

Thanks, CTU!

Mommy-terrorist is crazy...right? I am sorry that you made me UN-finger my child. She should never have had to see that!

Steve is a lottle slow and dumb, isn't he?

At least he will inform Heller.

FINALLY. Someone putting their ass on the line!

"He's in custody."

Yeah, for the next three minutes.

"Ground the drones, General. And for god's sake, keep them out of my coffee."

What is new about Jack Bauer and lots of people going to die? Except this is WORLD WIDE, yo!

"Ground the drones. All of them."

Skynet is going to be very upset.

uh-oh, Mummy's upset!

General: You mean Grind the drones up?

Heller: No, Ground them. What were we talking about?

yippee -- a President who believes Jack!

/and Lady Jack

'Drown the groans, i said!'

oh...oh.....drone anxiety.

This is how the "Day After Tomorrow" started, isn't it?

Uh, oh?!

I can't even get the updates to download on my phone. How do they do all this?

What's going on??? Jack TOLD you they would be overridden!

The good news is, only six of the drones instead of ten, Mr. President!

They do drone on and on about the drones, every episode.

Goth dude and girl scouts. What no pot ?


@ genn

on a grade scale ... well, that's a 'd' i guess, right?

I'm not taking the right drugs.

Mummmmmmy is chronically unhappy and should just live in the now.

Pat F. I am and it doesn't help. Trust me.

What's your vector, Victor?

Set up a perimeter around London to keep drones out.

Sooooo, we don't have drones to take out our drones??

First strike weapons? Take out a city block?

Jack's more powerful than those drones.

How do they see that six drones are still operative if they can't be tracked?

Dammit! Says President Devane - he did buy gold, didn't he?

"Let's talk to Jack Bauer." And it only took what, 6 seasons?!


C+! Jack will get them blown up! :D

@ JT

they were the ones that 'did not respond' ...

Tell the British that The Drones are Coming! The Drones are Coming!! The Drones are Coming!!!

But, but , but didn't we just see all these drones on the little radar-y thingy?

And now let's have Mark sing "Sometimes when we touch" to Audrey.

President William DeVane said "Dammit!" Is that a drink? Been so long I forgot the rules...

Warn the British - the drones are coming, the drones are coming!

Holy Anti-Paul Revere, Batman!

No. STOP. Get Awwdrey away from this all. Unless a drone is going to target her.

So the signal will be 1 light in Big Ben means the drones are coming by land....2 lights means they're coming by sea....3 lights mean they're coming by air.

@senex - yes, they need a perimeter!

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