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May 05, 2014

24 2NITE

Tonight is the two-hour premiere of 24: The Writers Have Completed Rehab And Are Ready To Take Another Stab At It. This season will have a total of only 12 hours because the other 12 were stolen by the Russians and Jack Bauer must find them before time runs out so PUT THE WEAPON DOWN. Or something. We don't care what the plot is. We're just happy we have Jack and Chloe back.

We'll be live-blogging tonight's episode starting at 8 p.m. We believe The Amazing Steve will be providing his traditional amazing recap in the comments after the show.

So we'll see you here (actually, not here in this post: we'll have a new post at the top of the blog) at 8 p.m. Eastern Perimeter Time. Be here, or be a sphere.


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From the WaPo.

No word on if there are frogpersons.

Glory jee to Beesus.

The writers are taking "Another Stab At It"?! Ominous!

I suppose sensibilities must be observed in Dear Old Blighty. For the first couple of hours, anyway. Then they may need to do a few shots to warm up...

BTW, did someone thrice intone "Ramparts"? Lots of us geezerly ghosts suddenly materializing ...

What a two for one! Not only do we get Jack (and maybe JackSack) back, but it's time to lurk on this wonderful blog once again. Hope many of the old players return!

Welcome back Dances!

Have we finally decided on whether 24 (or 12 after layoffs) is a drama or comedy?

Yes, I'll be here! I''d been writing a recap, watching all the yelling, chaos, and confusion until I realized that I was watching Kitchen Nightmares, and had to throw it away.

Watch for posting for the first hour after the show, with the second hour a bit later.

...now, all I have to do is find a Starbucks that will sell me all its coffee so I can write fast enough...

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Jack Bauer's returning
for him we 've been yearning
he's Finally Here!
It's the looking-4ward-to-Monday-ful time of the year!

It's the UPDATEs from Barry-ist time: hoist a beer!
If you're looking for logic
Just follow his blogic -
He'll make it all clear!
(cuz we know from the past that all plots . . . disappear )

There'll be terror disbanded
as Jack single-handed
takes on all those criminal fools
Perimeters forming
As Bauer comes storming
with weapons he makes out of tools!

It's the Chloe-there's-not-enough-tiiiime-liest day
Amazingly, Steven
Will keep the pace even
as we miss what they saaaay -
It's the 'dammit! what happened??! who cares, anyway'?!

There'll be crisis averted
When Jack gets un-shirted
As 'flesh wounds' and violence abound
CTU will condemn him
but Chloe will mend him
Jack Bauer will Always rebound!

It's the Jack Bauer 24 hooouurs of fun!
(well, only a dozen)
this blog'll be buzzin
when the shooting drinking shooting and drinking is done!

It's the kick-ass assassinist tiiiime
It's a show full of ludicrous criiiiiime
It's the yippee it's monday
A blog/bauer funday
as jack shoots his gunday
it's tiiiiime....
I hope that he hits a few thiiiiiiiighs
(and that audrey finally diiiiiiiies)
Schematics emphatical
Jack will be radical!
Guns'll be blazing as Steve is amazing
as Dave keeps us hootin' at all the rogue shootin'
it's Tiiiiiiiiiiiiime! tick tick tick : Jack is Here!

ligirl: Whoa.

Standing ovation for ligirl!!!

I shall be following along with the 24 liveblogging while watching Dancing with the Stars. This is going to be interesting. "Chloe, there's no TIME! I need that box step NOW, dammit!"

I think ligirl is ready.

I think I just hurt myself doing the Happy Dance. Yay!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I can't miss The Voice, but I can at least follow Steve's fabulous recap.

Twitching starts to speed up...Less than 10 hours to my Jack Bauer fix. It's been so long in withdrawal and my DVD copies of the series are starting to wear out from over use...Just can't wait for the clock to start!!!!

BLEEP! BLOO...er...too early?

Sadly, I will still be hip deep in live-action chaos and general confusion at my workplace when the show airs.

Maybe when I have some time off later in the month I'll join the festivity.

Wow, ligirl, that was great!

24 is now complete! It wouldn't have been the same without you!

Division is standing by and on alert, ready to send more moles, er, replacement supervisor agents...

This is killing me. I am still in the nightmare that is Arizona for one more day so won't be able to join you tonight except vicariously.

I will be forming a perimeter in my hotel room, however.


There, their, they're, Jeff. It will be on again next week unless Jack blows everybody up tonight.

Whoa. It's a most auspicious omen that Tony "Manilow" Almeida Andy Williams has been reincarnated in ligirl!

I read somewhere that Jack and Chloe will be against each other as Chloe has become anti-gubmint. Can this be true??

*holding lighter in the air for lilgirl*

Any chance Edgar will be back? Or is he still dead?

I am really looking forward to some genuine, fresh wooden dialogue. Hoping for predominantly mahogany, with a smattering of teak thrown in. None of this crummy birch stuff.

To help set the mood, here's John Mellencamp's "24" song

I'm not sure I have enough wine in the house for this. I better make an emergency liquor store run.

*sits in awe of ligirl's amazing talent*

*tries to get the awe off my pants with Oxyclean™*

(Can't wait to read Steve's recap - and enjoy everyone's commentary after the fact. It's infinitely more enjoyable than actually watching the show.)

Sorry - Jeopardy Quarterfinals tonight. But you young kids go ahead and have fun!
*Heads up - you may need to revise the drinking game a bit, since Jack doesn't say jack for the first 31 minutes of tonight's episode.

The Voice, Dancing With the Stars and 24? Be still my heart. I'll be here :)

*happy dance*

Kudos to ligirl (as always:-)

And yes! I, too, hear that Chloe has become a Dangerous Renegade, with lots of goth makeup -- a sure way to ID Dangerous Renegades.+

PERIMETER?? *DRINKS* oh...not yet.. Also, YAY!!

It's almost time!

Better late than never.

Yup. Bedtime!

I'm so glad I don't have a television in the PirateCave. Instead, Mrs. PirateBoy and I really enjoy this new fad.

It's called "reading", and we both hope it catches on!

You guys have no idea how happy this makes me.

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