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April 10, 2014


Sewage treatment plant advertises as wedding venue

(Thanks to B'game)


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Dave's lift station is probably going to need some upgrades to remain competitive.

Let us know when you go back out there for the rededication ceremony.

Next stop the county dump for the honey moon!

You're starting your life together in a world of sh*t. You may kiss the bride.

Just how did the water become brightwater ?

It's perfect for reprocessed spouses. It's too bad they can't be LEED certified like the facility.

Can we suggest they hold the 2016 presidential election here?

I'm sorry, we got a better offer from Passages,
that Malibu rehab center....

of course, only after the Beiber clan leaves....

Kiss Her Where It Stinks - at Brightwater!

Guy, "Honey I have the best place for our wedding!"
Gal, "Oh? Where?
Guy, " The Water treatment plant."

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