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April 28, 2014


Dog beekeeper has custom suit to avoid getting a sting in his tail


(Thanks to Charles Cates)

UPDATE: OK, this is officially out of hand:

World's first beekeeping DONKEY gets his own custom suit in Brazil


There had better not be a squirrel.


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Our dog, Hurry, started biting bees in the yard. This worked out as well as can be expected and he would come to the back door howling.
My mother would put ice on his swollen upper "lip" area and smother him with love and attention.
Then the swelling would go down and he'd go out and bite another bee. Repeat.
After a while, it was apparent that he loved the care and attention more than he disliked bees.
We called him a dachshund mix but he was more of an "attention whore".

lab tested

Haw haw!! *pointing*

It's a honey of a suit

I hope it doesn't give him hives.

Are you sure those aren't screen test photos for " Gravity " ...?

Key quote: trusting his ass to give him a helping hand.

wow.. this picture is getting a lot of buzz

That's one helluva cone of shame.

Looks more like Walter White's drug mule.

You'll notice there are no photos of cats wearing these ...

Hammie, there will be, just as soon as the photographer gets out of the hospital.

Houston, we're going to need bigger space diapers.

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