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April 25, 2014


The 82-year-old said he’d seen a couple of copperheads behind a mobile home he used as storage. So he thought Thursday was a pretty enough day to “smoke ’em out,” he told a Post reporter.

(Thanks to art Kraus)


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Oh, come on, we've all done that once or twice. My friends got thrown out of a frat party so they hid in a garden shed waiting for the crowd to get bigger so they could sneak back in. One of them smoked. Later the shed burned down and caught the house on fire. The frats were blamed but my friends were horrified.

Um, oops?

Anybody bring the wieners?

Oscar Meyer not Anthony!!!

Copperheads are normally not aggressive toward humans, and presumably they were eating rodents in or near his storage buildings. There seems to have been an eclipse of the brain before he started the fire.

I hope somebody was there to hold his beer.

I stopped my daughter from accidentally stepping on a 30 inch Copperhead on a trail.
When the snake realized we weren't going to hurt her, she was comfortable enough to explore the area and cross the trail in the middle of our little group.
I got a couple of close-up photos of her during which she never even got in a strike position.
Most people who are hurt by snakes are hurt while trying to harm the snake.
There's a lesson there if we can only learn.

Did it work?

Good thing St. Patrick wasn't related to this guy.

David Eddings, the fantasy author, once decided to flush out his gas tank with water. Then he was worried that the puddles might be flammable, so he lit a match. Yeah, the car and part of his house, and all his manuscripts.

The only problem with copperheads is that due to their camouflage, they are often stepped on by accident, provoking bites.

He should move to Flathead County. He'd fit right in.

Maybe someone should try this in the Everglades. What could go wrong?

It is heartening to this biologist to see some snake appreciation on the blog. They are an ancient, successful and highly diverse group of critters.

Whe I was a kid, I ran over one on my bike. I was barefoot, and it struck at my foor but missed because I was squashing it. Then my neighbor and I had to finish it off. It is basically a 'stealth rattlesnake' with no rattle.

So much for snake appreciation Alien8.

Don't try being nice to a cottonmouth. They will come at you with their mouth open and their fangs out.

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