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April 29, 2014


Corn dog dispute leads to assault case

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and Mother of Chaos)


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Clearly a chemical brain imbalance. Why should anyone get upset over a corn dog?

I can suggest a new location for that corn dog

Why do we even allow them on the streets!

When corn dogs are banned, only criminals will have corn dogs. That'll be weird.

Once upon a time, my friend was at a fish fry where one guy shot another guy over a fish sandwich. Seriously, a fish sandwich at a fish fry.

After the ambulance and police left, a long and beer-fueled descussion began: if you'd shoot a man for a fish sandwich, what would you do for a steak and fries? And how low would you go? Kick him in the shins for bubblegum? Punch him for a jerky stick? Stamp on his toe for penny candy?

Corn is America.. Freely blowing in the wind, feeding and fueling the heart and soul of a proud nation of different races and cultures that function as one... The hot dog is hailed and praised at all of celebrations that praise this, your, nay, OUR America.. Like this greatest nation in the world the hot dog is a combination of many individual components that unite together as one to forge ahead, feed the hungry and make this world a better place when called upon by allies and adversaries alike.. Combined as one into the proud and humble corn dog, you have the essence of freedom itself, America the beautiful.. And to mistreat and befoul the corn dog by nuking it in a microwave is to mistreat and befoul, and yes nuke America.. And I for one sir will not stand by in stony silence and ambivalence while some freedom haters launch a nuclear attack on America!!

That is what happens when you put weiners in the wrong hands.

Oh, and thank you Sean You Da Man.

I have a dream for America . . . a dream of a carhop's toupee slowly sliding onto a greasy fish sandwich.

Nice, Sean. If you cook it, they will come.

i saw corn dog dispute open for the string cheese incident.

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