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April 29, 2014


Man accused of throwing bucket of urine on inspector

Of course he is innocent until proven guilty:


(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and W)


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I saw Bucket Of Urine open for Puddle Of Mudd.

Did they hook electrodes to his dangly bits before they took that mugshot? Yikes!

I have friends who call that foreplay.

'I smell varmint poontang' - Bill Murray, caddyshack

This is the face of someone who has just seen what The End Of The Road looks like, and it's coming up fast. You ever hear of the bucket that went to the well one time too many, and then the bottom dropped out?

Craig resembles Manilow around the Philtrum.

Who keeps a BUCKET of urine sitting around just in case?

Holy crap that man is a chiropractor.

Chiropractors are known to be fiercely independent and to save a worthwhile stash of their urine in buckets for occasions like this.

Looks like my uncle George from Arlington.

12 bedrooms, 0 bathrooms means urine for a bucket o' trouble.

He is presumed innocent for legal purposes until proven guilty. Legal proof has no bearing on actual innocence. Also, yuck.

Sure would like to smush a gourmet cupcake in his face...where are those outlaw biker ladies when you need them?

He's innocent until the judge gets a look at that booking photo. Judge'll put him away just in case.

and (i assume) single!

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