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April 25, 2014


Customs Officials Detain Justin Bieber at LAX, Won't Let Him into USA

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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We have to let him in. We lost the bet.

The real question is will Canada stop producing Bieber-like nitwits and produce another decent rock band other than Rush?

"Why are you holding a beaver at LAX? What? Bieber? Oh, that's very different. Carry on."

--Emily Litella

i used to wear a beach hat like that

when i was about 5

Did they find his stash this time?

Thank you Canada!

I hear Deigo GArcia is empty beautiful this time of year. Send him there!!!

Interesting question: what if he misses his court dates because we won't let him back in?
Mr. Bieber is a case study in getting it all too young.
And we all know how those cases usually play out.

We could at least throw him in a detainment camp.

What's that smell, eh?

Wait, wasn't he just poisoned on A Game Of Thrones?

" ....elfin song-angel"

Bravo Alien8 - Brah-VO

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