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April 27, 2014


Bat faeces 'shower' hits Norfolk Holme Hale parishioners

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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'The bats tend to fly within the body of the church where excrement can then damage furnishings '

oh, pew

i'm guano just head right on over to the handbasket

Holy water, Batman!

I was wondering what happened to Bat Feces Shower, I haven't seen them since they opened for Alice Cooper in the seventies.

Norfolkin' weigh!
Especially when that bat scat piles up. The heavens will open, and doodoo unto others will rain down.

Penalty flag thrown at ligirl. Truly awful. Well done ! Some species of python eats bats. Many of the worlds problems can be solved by pythons.

I saw Bat Feces warming up for Bauhaus at CBGB's back in '79. Helluva show.

If the communion wafers taste funny, just keep telling yourself it's a miracle.

Terrorist Bats'turds

They've been reading Walter The Christmas Dog, haven't they??

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