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April 25, 2014


For Fecal Transplants, Frozen Poop Just as Good

(Thanks to John Gregg and Charles Cates)


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I saw Frozen Fecal Matter open for Coldplay a few years back. Helluva show.

Don't tell Massachusetts they will make a sandwich out of it!

poop pops = sh!t on a stick

Who would have a "fecal transplant"?

I mean, would you some someone else's "Sh*T" in YOUR
intestine? (Some drug addicts may...)

But I suppose it is a "relatively" safe procedure,
as Many dogs will eat any other dogs; (or their own)
and survive....

Our niece was, and our handyman is currently suffering from C. difficile issues. Both considered this treatment to help end their agony (picture the "before" image from any random hemorrhoid cream commercial). BTW, "frozen fecal matter" rates about a 9 on the Pucker Scale.

♪ Do some transplants,
Freeze a little clump,
Get dung tonight.
Get dung tonight. ♫

Where can I donate, and will I get paid for donating?

For daiquiris, not so much.

I guess we know now why those " Froop " fast food franchises never went anywhere.

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