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April 24, 2014


School stops serving Mountain Dew before FCAT after complaints

(Thanks to Gordon Anderson and Jon Harris)


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Do you hear that? It's the sound of someone filing a patent for powdered Mtn Dew.

Aka - "Pew."

Yahoo ! No Mountain Dew.

I didn't realize schools took the "do the dew" so seriously...

(I myself Prefer Dr. Pepper, regular, straight up...)

Who knew that Dew was a performance enhancing drug? A-Rod's probably getting some cases in now.

Mountain Dew? Oh the shame of it all!

Once again, it's all about the testing rather than any concern about whether the kids are actually learning anything.

No Child Left Behind really means No Child Gets Ahead.

I used to keep a pack of Skittles in my shirt pocket for use during tests. I called them smart pills. They do have an S on them. Worked for me.

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