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April 28, 2014


A report from The Amazing Steve in Central Illinois:

The small town I live in had its high school prom last night.

I drove by the high school parking lot this morning.
There was a camel.
And a zebra (on the right hand side of the picture).
Either there's something else going on, or these kids took prom to a whole new level.


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Camels are believed to spread the MERS virus so this is obviously an attempt to bring Sharia sickness to our youth.

Or the school cafeteria is taking in live animals to process.

Either way.

Somebody heard that high school dances these days may involve a lot of dry humping.

I heard stripes were in for formal wear.

Show some camel toe at a prom and your partner may get a little horse.

Check back in the parking lot around 8 months from now for a zemel or a cambra.

Snork @ Ralph.

It was probably a Noah's Ark prom theme. Was Russell Crow there?

most guys wanna get under zebra before they enjoy alittle hump action

A little bride price action going on.

Obviously, they weren't allowed into the prom. The invitation clearly said no camel toe, Z bra, or humping.

Did they set up a perimeter?

What , the Zonkies ( zebra/donkey, Google it) were not invited?

copy the "snork" @ Ralph

but there are TWO camels... just sayin

I only say that because the Amazing Steve is usually more observant. :-)

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