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April 30, 2014


I'll be there tomorrow evening, doing a Live Talks LA event in Santa Monica. Please join me, and together we can make fun of Ted Habte-Gabr's haircut.


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Will you be comparing LA traffic with Miami traffic?

OMG OMG OMG...I may, like totally get to go! I'm like totally over the moon!

BTW - Dave - it's about 173 degrees here, with winds out of the north, south, and east, and humidity has dropped to 12 below zero percent. On your flight in, try not to let the crosswinds blow you into a forest fire. Have fun!

I wish this was closer to me because I would definitely spring for the $95 package. Annie, if you go I want to see pictures!

Yes! Finally another Ted Habte-Gabr mullet joke. It's been too long.

*faints dead away*

Dave's coming to my town?

("Greater Los Angeles," for the uninitiated, basically refers to anywhere between Tijuana and Santa Barbara.)

*does a happy dance*

Hope to see you there, Annie!

Last time I saw Ted Hapte-G..., I inquired about the mullet. He vehemently denied all knowledge. Including anything about the mullet.

Saint Monica is the patron saint of traffic jams, though. To make it there in time, I may need to leave yesterday.

Have a great trip. If the wind doesn't get you, mutant squirrels from hell will.

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