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April 10, 2014


Horse Yoga


(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I saw something similar in a bar in Tijuana once.

Not why the Beatles went to India.

Will the crazy Japanese Poodle Lady do this one next?

He's got his head stuck in the wrong end

Some day the animals are going to rise up and kill us all. I wouldn't blame them either.

Listen to cindy, she bred horses for years. Well, until she found out they can do it themselves.

You can lead a horse to water, but if you can get him to do a Revolving Half Moon Pose you've really got something.

That's amazing that he is willing to participate. I used to have this cat that was like a Morris type. Orange tabby and he used to exercise with me on the floor. I would roll over and so would he. Too funny. I wished that I would of had a video of it.

First Prancercise and now this!

My dogs do that all by themselves! They can even flatulate in that position!

I have friends who call this foreplay.

That definitely comes under the heading of "Rule 34." Perhaps literally.

i didn't know yoga caused hoarseness

I would *SMACK* Padraig but he likes it too much.

Is this why my parents yelled at me to "stop horsing around?"

Listen, sometimes your horse gets lonely out there in the meadow.

This is not yoga, this is one of those new fangled hipster sports. Like water sliding on your sensitive bits.

I've been kicked, rolled on, and bucked off by horses. There is no way in heck I would be doing what that fellow is doing. These are immensely powerful animals. One wrong stretch, and whammo, good by gentleman's area.

Woah, Nellie!

That better not be a Brazilian soccer player.

That just looked like a guy getting kinky with a VERY patient horse.
If I tried any of that with the horses on the farm, first we'd find out what a true "horse laugh" sounds like, then they'd change my status from "stallion" to "gelding".
Maybe if I talked Spanish to them? You know, a Romance language.
They'd be all like, "Whoa (so to speak), is he coming on to me?"

I hate to ask, and not sure if I REALLY wanna know,
but how does he get the horse to "assume the position"? In some states this would be illegal, right?

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