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April 19, 2014


Sheffield shopping centre introduces overtaking lane

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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Yeah, that'll work, just like it does on freeways everywhere. Give Chloe another three years and she'll be part of the problem.

Four words: Mall Cop Ticket Quota.

Plucky schoolgirls, huh ?

I'd like to turn her loose on my grocery store. Getting everybody to walk on the right, for example. Asking them not to park their cart right next to a display and blocking the entire aisle, etc., etc.

If we required licensing for shopping cart operators, half of the existing ones would fail parallel parking -- it's apparently too difficult for some people when they're trying to decide whether to buy ketchup in regular or inverted bottles.

I suggest encouraging air horns to improve traffic safety.

All shoppers must have functioning turn signals and back-up lights. Changing lanes without signalling would be a real financial boost!

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