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April 25, 2014


Massachusetts moves closer to approving fluffernutter as official state sandwich

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Good thing Massachusetts has solved all its problems so they can focus on this stuff.

When will they make Mitt Romney the official state fruitcake?

Glad to see that they are concentrating on the important matters at hand!

Wonder is Pocahontas, their nitwit senator had anythinhg to do with this?


chris christie fighting for fluffernutter hero

A couple of years ago I had a newly transplanted Yankee person from up North stop me in the grocery store to ask where we kept our fluff. I had no idea what she was talking about until she explained what she was looking for. She asked me how we made our fluffernutter sandwiches. I told her we didn't.

Is there a Massachusetts State Blood Pressure Medication?

Well, there are a lot of fluffers there

You have no idea how proud I am to live in a state where our legislators have time to concentrate on crap like this....

It's time for me to move....

ligirl: Now you're talking.

This is all do to those profit whores, the fluff-industrial complex, and their evil lobbyists. Where is the occupy movement when you need them.

That's "Fauxcahontas," MikeyVA.

Warning: Whole foods advocates... Do NOT read this article without emergency medical personnel standing nearby.

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