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April 27, 2014


International Respect for Chickens Day

(Thanks to Monique)


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Poultry emotion.


*Changes Soup of the Day plans for May 4*

cock-a-doodle - any cock'll do

I just ate lunch but suddenly I have the yearning for some home made chicken noodle soup.

Sock it to me.

I think this will lay an egg.

Well, maybe it can become a religion, and KFC can be a fryer...

In honor of the chicken I will not think homocidal (poultrycidal?) thoughts against the neighborhood rooster than wakes me up every morning at 5:30 a.m. One of the joys of country living.

Don't choke your chicken today!

This day is absolutely necessary, because we always get no respect. All th


Did chickens write this copy?

I plan to toast Foghorn Leghorn. Then it's off to Chik-Fil-A.

Church's and KFC have some nice specials running...

I think I'll take chicken to for lunch...

Cluck me.

cock a doodl - any cock'll do

I wonder if there's a sign I can share with my fellow commuters to remind them to show the bird some respect... Hmmm..

For shame ligirl. Better watch it.....the men of the blog will be writing you.....by the way my email is.....

This should make every chicken happier than chit.

I had a pound of chicken fillets for dinner, does that count as doing an action for chickens? This isn't a bad idea, but they could have gone about it in a less ridicule-inducing manner.

Fried is the best way to deal with this!

Did you catch the video? I am going to pretend the stuff in my pasta salad was tofu.

I'm having a chicken for dinner tonight! R-E-S-P-E-C-T

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