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April 25, 2014


Runaway Porta-Potty Outhouse Latrine in High Wind

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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Scared the sh*t out of the guy inside.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Just runnin' down the road tryin' to loosen my load.....

As I walk along I wonder
What went wrong with outhouse
A latrine that was strong...

We had a player hit a baseball underneath a port-a-potty that was adjacent to the field.

My son said "All he gets is a crappy ground rule double?"

I have no idea where he gets these ideas, but I think humanity will be safe for another generation.

I saw Runaway Porta-Potty open for the Co0mmodores

Crappy show.

Call the Doctor!
I've found the Turdis!

Miles to sleep before I go.

looks like the fan hit the shitter

Two "Movements" in One! Remember where you parked...

Road test of your next government-mandated, environmentally-friendly vehicle.

Runaway Potty in a high wind - sounds like atitle of a XIX century painting or a romantic poem.

da loo run run, yeah, doo doo run run

Porta potty, outhouse AND latrine. Quite clear now.

We DEFinitely need to sync up some Benny Hill music with that video.

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