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April 24, 2014


Woman defends right to use smart car to transport HORSE around

(Thanks to Ralph)


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In California, we call this Thursday on the 605.

Last month, I saw a guy driving down the 605, reading a newspaper with one hand, while shaving with the other.

I can only guess that he was steering with his feet.

Good for her. It sounds like she put some thought into this.
I mean, except for the whole "Smart Car" thing. The Bull Dog of the automotive world, looking like it keeps chasing parked cars.

"It is particularly practical for short journeys just to put him in the boot."

I tried this logic with my children but it did not work.

Get off my back!

Those Smart Cars are not as bad as everybody assumes. They can go even 20 miles/hour (if the wind is in the right direction), use 2 AAA batteries and one adult (or two children) can fit inside.

WWMDT...? ( What would Mayor de Blasio think ? )

The perfect spare.

And to think, cars were once referred to as horseless carriages.

In this case, if it fits, you must aquit....

PS Snork@Meanie!

Everything old woll be new again...

Well, that's one way to triple the car's horse power..

Does this qualify for the HOV lane? And if the horse tows the car, is it legal on bridle paths?


IF HOV means Hilariously Overweening Vehicle.

Clakazoid, the only way our Mayor could fit in one of those was in the back where the horse is.

Stop messing around and buy the horse a real car

A lady in Santa Cruz, CA used to cart her mini horse around in a Subaru. I believe she was a professional clown.

Yeah, like this.

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