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April 27, 2014


Study finds men don’t change underwear daily

(Thanks to funny man)


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I mean, how many blonde, big-chested underwear models does it take to catch an English man's attention?

They may be rebelling against their Mums' admonitions about clean underwear without holes 'in case you're hurt in an accident.'

study finds men who don't change underwear daily have brief romances

Well THIS man changes his every day, although I will admit to not replacing them until they look like they've been through a shredder.

Underwear is reversible, yes?

JG, underwear is reversible, NO!

And bear sh..@ts in the woods!

When used for headware it doesn 't count as a days usage, correct ?

Call off your tired old underwear ethics.


Change it to what?

Why change it when it just falls off in shreds when you're done with it?

Underwear??? That's just a ploy by Hallmark to get u to buy candy and flowers.

I could of told you that without a study to inform. The model has a nice rear end though

I usually change my underwear daily. Except when I don't have any clean ones. What are you supposed to do ? Eh ladies ?

Underwear is for sissies.

Phil's right. Real men wear Thunderwear.

Annie, Is that a PPK in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

I would change mine, but it's not May yet.

NC..underwear IS reversible through bleary inattention in the morning. This situation can lead to frantic activity accompanied by unseemly language later in the day. Usually in a public restroom.

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