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April 29, 2014


Scientists created the world’s smallest 3-D glasses — for a praying mantis!

Prating mantis

(Thanks to Ken Fineberg)


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The crickets are not amused for long.

They look cute on him. Amazing that they can do something like this.

The bug looks silly

Looks like ET to me.

It used the glasses to watch ATTACK OF THE FIFTY-FOOT ANT. They knew it was working when the mantis wet itself.

Of course, finding a Mantis that'll pay $3 to rent these thing at the movies will be a challenge

Edgar ?

You want to look stylish when eating your mate.


What do I have to do to get people to stop calling these godless atheists 'praying' mantises? It's PREYING people! PREYING!

normnuke - still a praying manilow-tis

Looks more like George Burns...

Who's that behind those Foster Grants?

Was I the last one to drive the geezer bus?

Bob, save me a seat on that bus. That was my first thought too.

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