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April 28, 2014


They're demolishing the old Miami Herald building. I admit there were times I wanted to do this myself. But now it just makes me sad.

Veteran Herald guy Walter Michot shot this video.



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Breaking news!

Our newspaper's old building will be torn down before too long, and the Star-Tribune's building's demolition is being chronicled by James Lileks (at Lileks.com). Smaller staffs and outsourced printing seem to be clobbering one old building after another.

There was a great view from the snack bar.

Tore Down

After every trip out of town, I was disappointed to find that the health department hadn't burned to the ground.
Now that I'm retired, I kind of miss...oh, who am I kidding?

Come to find out, decades of accumulated Cheez-it dust really is combustible. We assume Dave, Judi and Walter are safe?

I can't watch. Too sad. All of our touchstone bulldings are disappearing, and for what? More condos. Gah.

Things change. That's how it is. Wish I had something deeper than that to offer, but ....

If they really had to do this, they should have gotten "24" involved and had Jack blow it up.

I walked past the Chicago Sun Times site, now the Trump Plaza. I thought about the printing presses, the back door where secret sources could come in without being spotted, I miss the smell of printer black ink.

It didn't take long to tear that part down.

I read the blogs of exactly two newspapermen - Dave Barry and James Lileks (Minneapolis Star Tribune.) How strange that both of them are documenting the razing of their old work places at the exact same time. I've pretty much switched to the internet for my news so I know I am complicit, but I am saddened that future Barrys and Lileks won't have an ink-stained background. (But I do still subscribe to the local paper.)

Was that Dave running in the foreground?

So is this like some sort of epic mini series that will run for a while, or are they going to knock it down?

manual - my version once they get it done.


I'd do the linky thingy but my instructions are at work.

Gregg in Baton Rouge, you're not alone in that.

(I've actually experienced watching the newspaper building where I'd spent ten years of my working life torn down. It was a ratty old place we called "the Termite Terrace" - yeah, shamelessly stolen from Chuck Jones - but it was a sad day nonetheless.)

Hmm... how'd that happen? That's an old nic I haven't used in long time...

That was a lovely controlled demolition, though - very little dust or debris into the water. My compliments to the engineer-in-charge.

My dad used to blow things up build roads for the state of NY. Once in a while things would not go as planned. Knocked both hands off the Lady of Lourdes statue in front of the high school in Poughkeepsie. Good times, good times.

another teaser for the new 24? - 'Nobody makes fun of JACK BAUER, dammit'!

... don't forget the "tax advantages" of paying for a new structure ... Knight-Ridder went broke not many years ago, but McClatchy is (are) now (apparently) making enough profit that they need the deductions ... or perhaps they're selling out, and more than one entity will share the "profits" of this rollover tax deduction, now that the staffs have been whittled down ...?

ubetcha - I had the LP Still Alive and Well when it was released. Hadn't heard JW do that tune in decades. I hear JW is anything but still alive and well these days.

Isn't that the building they sorta fake blew up for the finale of Burn Notice? Sort of looks like it.

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