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April 12, 2014


Flushed sex toy caused 'major flood'

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"...unusual things found stuck in Devon sewers." Since the Devonian Period?

" Flushed sex toy caused major flood, doo dah, doo dah... "

I'm trying to remember the second line to that song, but I've got nothin'.

Sex toy covered with major crud, oh de doo dah day

"A spokesman said during once incident sewage workers found a sex toy which was so big it blocked the underground pipes."

Can you confirm Walter's whereabouts?

The mighty mighty Wurlitzer organ

Flushed sex toy caused major flood, doo dah, doo dah,
Dropped from butt of manly stud, oh, doo dah day

The world's only community butt plug.

'Sex toys, false teeth and a dead sheep were among a list of unusual things found stuck in Devon sewers.'

♫ crowns to the left of me, dildos to the right
here i am stuck in the sewer with ewe

At no time did this band open for anyone, anywhere.

WHat, no bodies? This is outrageous!

"When it comes to clearing blockages, we've come to expect the unexpected. When we're looking for the cause it could be anything and it's surprising what you do find.

My doctor said the same thing, but he wasn't talkin; sewers....

Or was he?

Blame it on an active cod.

Sex toys, false teeth, and dead sheep. Oh boy. Somebody lost their false teeth during sex using one of the toys. Dead sheep sounds bad.

No photo of this huge sex toy?

Dang! I hate it when that happens ...

Was the sex toy still attached to the sheep, or had it already been sheared?


It wool all come out in the end. After all, how could any of ewe....

O'er the ram parts....

Doing It Wrong, dead sheep are for dinner.

Absolute SNORK @ ligirl's second post!

Little known fact: a discarded sex toy was a major factor in Deepwater Horizon.

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