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April 30, 2014


A man relieved himself in a cup at a Kennewick restaurant, and then drank it.

(Thanks to nursecindy and Charles Cates)


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My he had a wee bit too much to drink

At least it wasn't in Florida!

Aint gonna read this one. Too close to lunch time.

pee-formance art?

Newsmen refer to this as a fluid situation.

No streaming video?

arrested for peeing... but farting is still free!

Tea! You're suppose to drink tea with your meals you moron!

"Waiter, any suggestions for a drink to go with my poopoo platter?"

I have friends who . . . actually, no.

That's what I call the urea cycle.

Stay classy my fellow Washintonians!

There's a tip joke in there somewhere.

We engineers would refer to him as a closed loop system, in that everything stays in the system. And also just plain weird.

That's why my friend Peter always gets my beer from the fridge for me, ah hah, now I know the whole pissing truth!

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