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April 29, 2014


Women arrested, accused of twerking, lewd behavior at Ore. city hall

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes)


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Why is it that more men don't twerk ? Will we ever have total equality with only half the people twerking ?

Has Miley Cyrus' whereabouts been verified?

@LeDud: Any attempt on my part to twerk would violate at least a half-dozen laws of physics.

Equal pay for equal twerk ?

wanderer, Not to mention breaking a few of the Commandments.

If I tried to twerk I'd be in the hospital getting my back, and possibly hips, reassembled.

No surveillance video? Pics or it didn't happen.

pretty sure 'men @twerk' a was one of the 1st cds i bought - who can it be now ?

Good one ligirl. Where women twerk and men chunder?

She wasn't twerking, she has flee's

Yoksombath opened for someone...I hope.

Beaver Town?

There WAS a British rock band named Aggressive Crotch Display...maybe time for a reunion?

If a woman can't twerk at the Beaverton City Hall, just where can she twerk.

The politicians don't like competition.

Wiredog would need to file for twerkman's compensation.

(credit Jon Stewart with that one)

you all think men do not twerk, I bet if you goog it you would find all sorts of....

*groan* at Annie.

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