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April 25, 2014


Cameron Diaz admits she has not worn deodorant for 20 years

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Well in that case she deserves 45 mil per to stink.

And out here in the midwest, we all thought that odor might be a nearby farm.

I find it much easier to enjoy movies and music if I avoid listening to or reading interviews with the people who make them. Now I won't be able to see Diaz in a film without thinking about her stink.

But, inquoring minds ask, is does she spray Febreeze on her clothes?

Snork @ Steve (the 24 guy)!!!

I can agree with her only because there's a common ingredient in APs that gives me a rash only a belt sander can scratch.
Fortunately, my business cards read, "Retired; I Don't Do Squat". There's no heavy lifting in my line.

deodorant: strong enough for a man,
made for a woman - remove cap & push up bottom

Obviously Cameron has never been in the South during an August heat wave.

Seriously, why does anyone not in her immediate vicinity give a sh!t?

Nine out of ten houseflies agree.

She doesn't want no stinking medals.

That would explain Bad Teacher. (Also the TV version.)

I always tnought that There's Something About Mary stunk.
Now we know why.

I didn't know she was French!

Maybe she bathes regularly and doesn't need to cover up with deodorant.

Blog headline is wrong. It doesn't say she doesn't use deodorant. It says she doesn't use antiperspirant. Neither do I, I use deodorant though. Your pores are supposed to sweat, that's their job. It's not healthy to shut them down. And most antiperspirants use aluminum to shut down the sweat glands. Do you really think it's a good idea to to coat your underarms with aluminum? Especially since there have been some studies – not, it's not conclusive or even widely accepted, but why take the chance? – connecting Alzheimers with traces of aluminum found in teh brain.

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