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April 12, 2014


From The Amazing Steve:

I was watching a show online just now, and Chloe broke in during a commercial, and directed viewers to this website. It looks like the tie-in to the next "24" episode, since Chloe is supposed to be part of this organization.


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I'm pretty sure that's an abuse of the .org TLD.

We must all be ready and vigilant.

But mostly ready.

They left of Kiefer Sutherland from Bauer's aliases.

aliases? aliai?

Isn't using "hero" and "traitor" in the same sentence
something like the opposiste of oxymoron? Mr. Language Person, where are you when we need you?

If he's a hero he can't be a traitor. If he's a traitor he can't be a hero.

If he's a potato, he can't be a tater? Well, I was
reaching, but you get the idea....

At least the writers had the good sense not to turn
24 into a musical.

If they had, here is my suggestion for

That cannot be a legit 24 website, lacking perimeters and thigh wounds. Dammit.

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