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April 10, 2014


Woman bashes man with saucepan after being grabbed in foyer of unit block

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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What part of the anatomy is "foyer" a euphemism for?

it hit him in the head area

Head area?

Which head ?

Never, ever grab a woman in the foyer or unit block.

He'll roux the day he crossed her path.

sounds like a pot head

This is exactly why I always carry a cast iron skillet in my purse.


I found the a panini press works well if put to use on the man's "foyer."

fan club,

I think the euphemism depends on whether we are speaking of a girl of the female gender, a guy of the male gender, a mollusk, or a member of the US Congress.

fill in the blank: ' _________ foyer pleasure'


snork at NC and at ligirl!!!

Exactly how does one grab someone's foyer?

And using a saucepan as a weapon? Wait....

I saw Julia CHild do this once when her co-cook got a
bit frisky.

Get it? "Roux" the day? Sauce pan? Ahhh, forget it. Buncha Visigoths.

padraig loves to stir the pot

Simmer down, padraig.

I never sauce so many bad puns.

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