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March 25, 2014


Mysterious clown sightings creeping out Staten Islanders


(Thanks to Allen at Division and Jeff Meyerson)

RELATED: Meet the crab spider that looks just like the clown in hit Stephen King film 'It'

(Thanks to ubetcha)


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Used to live there. There were no clowns running around on my watch. Everything's gone to hell since.

A certain male blogger,Jeff Meyerson who shall remain nameless, told me this guy looked like a typical Staten Islander to him.

Back to Congress!

Could be worse ... could be in the Bronx ...

I thought the Mayor lived elsewhere.

' - crab spider that looks just like the clown in hit Stephen King film 'It' - IF the clown was wearing a YELLOW & WHITE KNITTED SKI MASK'

Exactly, cindy. As if Staten island weren't creepy enough already, now this.

It must be a fool moon and the werepoliticians are out.

Carry a big jar of cold cream. Without that greasepaint the bums are nuthin'.

A good 12-gauge goes a long way toward declownifying your neighborhood.

You know, I didn't use to be freaked out by clowns, but...Eek.

*checking to ensure own 12-gauge is loaded*

*giving thanks I don't live on Staten Island*

I could dress up as a clown for a trade show in the area. It is my day off.

Who can't forget the clown in the "It" movie. It's a classic for Stephen King.

This is what happens without proper heard control. These clowns are struggling over limited resources. A hunting season is needed. That way the clowns will be happier.
This in turn will supply a higher quality of clown to be used for scientific and military research.

Spider=OK. Clown=nothing against them, or anywhere near them.
Two of my four spider bites have been from crab spiders who tend to be, well, crabby. No harmful effects whatsoever.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

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