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March 28, 2014


Robert James Mills appeared in the Invercargill District Court yesterday for assaulting his mother with a lettuce.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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We need to keep them out of civilian hands.

What a cabbage head.

Lettuce pray that she recovers.

Mom must evict Bobby from the basement, but shoot him first.

I saw the Cabbageheads warming up for the Lemonheads in 2002. Helluva show.

I have friends who call this foreplay.

i fought the slaw & the slaw won

on the condition he undertake counselling for alcohol, drug and anger issues
Now there's a surprise. But the most important fact is left out of the article! What kind of lettuce? Shoddy reporting.

Assault with a salad?
It's OK. The Judge gave him a good dressing down.

I heard he's also banned from being within 50 feet of a salad bar.

coulda givin her a wedgie

Their argument came to a head.

I wonder what what was the Cos of the dispute.

I wonder what was the cos of the dispute.

Lettuce let bygones be bygones and romaine friends. We need not become bitter foes over that double posting.

Good thing there were now shakers on the table, or he could have been charged with a salt.

Monty Pythons wee light years ahead. Look up their "Self Defense Against Fruit" on Youtube

Ceasar? He hardly knew her.

He's clearly still in his salad days. He'll soon learn vegetables can kill.

You'll take this arugula out of my cold dead hands!

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