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March 12, 2014


Keith Richards to Write a Children's Book

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Pop-upper or pop-downer? Maybe just pop-topper.

Working Title: Sticks and the Stoned?

and Samuel L. Jackson will read the audio version

Nah, Keith has to read it himself:

"Now kids, listen to your Uncle Keith. I'm gonna teach you how to tell the difference between good drugs and bad drugs."

"Then the big fookin' giant fell down the giant fookin' beanstalk..."

Note to readers: please do not snort my ashes. Thank you.

*Snork* Padraig.

Plus also, women and children off the street and out of the library.

"Kids, Uncle Keith is here! Now get the f00k to bed."

Two ghost writers for a children's book? One to refresh his vodka tonic, the other to hold the ashtray?

One to edit out the inappropriate material, and the other to follow behind and fill up the blank pages.

I don't know why people have problems with Richards and children, his son Jack turned out alright didn't he, became a captain and everything.

"Hopped-Up Pop".

Anyone who has seen the Stones perform will see they guy is still very capable.
Sorry. As Padraig would say, "Fookin' capable."

Any chance for a joint book signing?

AWBH: Keif (As he is called) obviously doesn't require a ghost writer. I suspect he *is* a ghost writer, having died somewhere around 30 years ago. It's just that his body lives on....

Of course this is still one of the funniest ff........riggin' moments ever by a musical guest on SNL: http://freemontsoffice.com/2010/11/29/jagger-as-richards/ (starts about :50, gets better in the 2nd half of the point-counterpoint)

I think of him as a very capable guitarist and ghost, too! Saw them play in LA a ways back. A new band opened for them - Guns 'n Roses. I still have the t-shirt - the Steel Wheels tour!

Gimme Stroller

PirateBoy, the old rumor was that the lads had a doc that would change out their blood with groupie blood every week, so they trash their own bodies, but the damage went away in the old blood, and the young-stuff blood pumping threw their veins keeps them going forever. You and I will pass on but M and K will live to be 1111

the very cold turkey

careful you dont fall outta that tree, man.

First a kiddie book.

Then a gig for PBS as a "health consultant" who also
sings or plays...

Then political office...
Weirder things people have happened...

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