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March 03, 2014


Dave reads from the new book on Paul and Young Ron's Show at 7:30 a.n.. (iHeart radio -- click on Listen Live)


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I didn't see anything about Dave at that link, but the " Breast Moments On Screen " was mighty tempting.

I just got a email from a Benevolent Power assuring me that my book is en route. Perhaps by tomorrow night I'll be chortling happily:-)

(It's been a looooong time a-comin', Dave. You shouldn't start strumpeting so early...makes the wait interminable!)

There's only one 7:30 each day, and that ain't it.

Listening now!

Nice job!

Good luck on the book tour. Wish you were headed back to Chicago (or Indy)!

I'm with Steve. There are some nice venues half way between Indianapolis and Chicago that would work well. Pretty much anything in Remington or Rensselaer, Indiana.

still getting ready for work at that hour. yikes.

Was that Eastern Snowy Time?

It was 6:30 am here in the Central Coast when it started, and I listened via the iHeart radio app.

At that hour, I'm completely incoherent, which is to say, my normal operating mode.

Dave going Live here on Huffington Post video in about 20 minutes:


Just finished reading it on my Nook Book!

AWESOME, endearing and funny, laugh out loud funny at times.

It is a book here you are disappointed to see that the last page is coming up!

Ready for more repelling and camel rides, Dave? How is your bottom?

On Jackson Hospitalsnew parking requirements.
“Let’s not assume all disabled people are poor,’’ said Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan, who joined seven commissioners in approving the new fees.
Such an idiot statement. And does she have records. How about this instead, "lets assume all the seven commissioners are rich and have special parking privileges." Where do these people come from? Only in Miami.

7:30 a.n. ... a.n. = after noon ?


That's an 'm.' It's just partially covered by snow.

Saw Bruce Springsteen and blogged about it on Sunday. And now Dave's new book! If only there was real Tex Mex in New Zealand. Then, I would be on Cloud Nine.

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