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March 27, 2014


Woman named Crispi tried to set ex's house on fire with bacon


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Don't order the crispy bacon in Uintah County.

Infidels! You must pay for this desecration!

The legend of Crispi, f*** buddy gone wrong.

Soon to be a best seller.

cameo adawn? dang her mother was drunk too...

What a coincidence. My girlfriend Crunchi once drove a truck through my house.

I wonder if her boyfriend was the guy who set a house on fire to impress the girl in yesterday's stories. Small world and all that.

You're better off dating Christo. He'll just wrap your house in decorative fabric.

But Crispi ought to look into a grant for his bacon thing.

Cameo Adawn Crispi

Better she had set her parents' house on fire.

nursecindyfanclub - chris christie would Never allow such a waist of bacon


You want him fried with that?

If her name was Patty would she have used sausage?

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