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March 28, 2014


Dad Turns Videos Of His Toddler Into Insanely Cool Action Movies

(Thanks to ligirl)


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The "Danger of Wet Floors" is great. Actually, they all are.

Love it! The wet floor and grappling gun are my favorites.

I liked the 'oops' after taking the light saber to the shelf

I like them, but the dad must have spent hours with Adobe After Effects.

SO cool!

Years from now, the kid is going to look at these and think his dad is the coolest dad ever, or that he's completely nuts.

You mean your sons didn't do this stuff???

I just took my son to work with me, rode him up lifts and climb scaffolds. He just got a job installing and servicing radio and cell towers. Sent me a text that they ordered a pizza for lunch and had it rigged up the tower to them. I'm so proud.

With the way memories are formed there's a good chance that he'll grow up believing he did these things! That's. So. Cool!

I want one!!! A dad like that, I mean.

The headline could have read "Parent Turns Videos of Toddler Into Insanely Cool Action Movies" and we could probably guess that the parent in question was his dad, not his mom.

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