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March 26, 2014


Brewery creates ‘Walking Dead’-inspired beer made with real brains

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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OMG. Ewwwww. I don't know if I could swallow that at all. They haven't come out with vampire beer yet. Only Zombie

Mad Dog is fermented with the actual brain of Barbara Boxer and has been sold for decades with zero brain content.

Brains in, brains out. Balance.

i 'spose binge drinking this would be brainstorming ?

A new definition of brain food.

Our slogan: "Still tastes better than Bud Light."

But then, what doesn't?

So ... this formula would be fer butt heads? Or for those who wanna butt heads ... ?

- butt 1st you have to convince them to give up their brains

Didn't some Belgian monastery come up Abbey Normal Doppelbock a while back?

My MIL used to eat fried brains and scrambled eggs, but she can't get the brains now.
But she won't touch beer and wouldn't know a joke if it bit her where she keeps her brain.

hence the phrase "Pissing my brains out".

No dolphins, spotted owls or baby seals were harmed, however.

Send a truck load to Washington DC, Brains are in short supply there!

This explains the Senate.

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