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March 05, 2014


I'm somewhere in the bowels of Rockefeller Center waiting to go on the Today Show to talk about my new book (which by the way is for sale) with Kathie Lee and Hoda. In here with me are numerous young people, all of whom are wearing skinny jeans and thumbing away on their phones. I think some of them might be a band. I would ask them, but my jeans are WAY too loose.

Update: I just met Hoda. She is very nice. Also, tall.

Update 2: Here's the video.


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Dave, tell them when they reach [y]our advanced age they too will be wearing Jeans for the Bigger-Butted Man.

After a certain advanced age, the only proper response is to signal retreat.

I think you should start singing "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog". The kids will then know how "hip" you are.

It looks like they aren't going to bring Dave out until 10:55. Having to watch an hour of Kathie Lee violates the Geneva Conventions, so I have the TV on mute.

sorry. still at work. no tv here. but after april 23, all bets are off. i am retiring. but not shy.

They are in a band called Men With Phones. They just stand there looking at phones while Daft Punk plays on the sound system.

If someone calls out "Hoda, phone!", nothing will ever get accomplished.

Well, they gave Dave two minutes or so and he did get to talk about the book, as well as unveil a new hair style!

Way to go, Dave.

hey - just caught dave, thanks to reading blog at last minute.
funny stuff - next time blow off the today show & squeeze in a trip out to long island !

- & good luck with the book tour - the '50SoG' bit is hilarious!

You looked great Dave! My copy of the book will be here Friday. I can't wait!

I thought Hoda was shorter and green ?

You should have gone with the Peter Pan costume. Somebody around Broadway has to have one laying around. The tights would really show those hipsters a thing or two about hip (and things other than hip).

I'm going to try my darndest to get to P&P tomorrow night.

Next time get a photo of the Men with Phones. I'm sure all the customarily-restrained regulars here would have a comment or two.

No Detroit-area strumpdate on the tour; I'm guessing that's because Dave doesn't want to break a tooth when his car hits a pothole. I've resigned to ordering online. Unfortunately, Dave also didn't schedule a stop at Amazon to personally sign all 2.3 million copies in the warehouse.

Dave saw your interview on Fox-2 News just a little while ago. Can't wait to get your book.

Hoda, sister of Hodor on Game of Thrones. True story.

And her cousin, Hoda Door, Steve?

Is it true that KL has Regis stuffed, in a glass case and waiting in the wings?

I saw Men With Phones warming up for Men With Hats back in '86. Helluva show.

Sensible shoes and ginormous jeans, Dave. Well played.

Tried to buy tickets online to see you in Petaluma. Wanted $11 in fees, so I drove across town to the store to save myself the expense, only to realize the store had moved. I spent at least $11 in gas and over an hour driving around, but I have tickets in hand and a smile on my face! Should I bring you a Racer 5 like I did years ago??

*sniffle sniffle*

Dave is going to Petaluma, but nowhere near Southern California. I'm trying not to get my feelings hurt by this inequity.

(Apologies to Petaluma; I'm sure it isn't all your fault.)

The other columnist whose columns appear in the Grand Forks Herald and who has a sewage lift station named in her honor was also on Today in the past week.

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