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March 09, 2014


Dave's event for Books and Books was live-streamed. Mea culpa for not blogging that (and thanks to Siouxie for doing what she could). But you can watch the archive (the actual talking starts about 10 minutes in). And here's a picture of a few attendees:



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Who is that imposter in the white shirt?

Wow! I actually know more than half of the sdults in this photo!

And Dave, of course ...

Awesome time meeting up with judi, Mad Scientist, Weasel, (and Zoe), Jeff & Jackie and EC! Dave was hysterical, as usual!

The lady on the far right looks like she has a little crown.

That's a nice picture

It was great! ANd yes, there were gasps (well, maybe one or two) when Dave walked out in a white shirt. (He was wearing a jacket during the talk but took it off for the pictures.)

Of course Judi was there, as were Michelle and Sophie (her first time at one of Dave's "performances" apparently). It was really a packed house but fortunately (thanks, Sheila and Judi) we were saved seats in the second row. I even got to ask Dave a question about Jack Bauer.

Will there be live streaming of Judi's firing?

Good to see all of you out in force.

actually, sheila did all the seat-saving ;) and i wish one of you at least had moved up to the front row so you could breathe! instead we ended up with late-comers... grrr ;)
nice to see you all though. hope you have a safe trip back up north.

Jeff, Sophie has been subjected to and embarrassed by to many of Dave's "performances" in the past. I think the difference is that now she's a teen. Nuff said! Have a safe trip back to the frozen tundra and I will let you know when I go visit my child up north! *waves at Meanie* (I asked Jeff about you!) And, yes - thanks to EC(Sheila) for saving our seats!

The title still on the Livestream video looks like Dave doing a Marlon Brando impression of Vito Corleone saying "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." I'll buy your book Dave, please don't leave an alligator head in my bed.

I'm half way through the book and I'm loving it. If I ever go to Israel I will make absolutely sure to ask the price for two sandals though. I bet Stephen King, Ridley, Mitch Albom, and the other RBR's wish their fans looked as good as Dave's.

I missed the DC meet. Thanks for the stream (remember, never cross streams).

Huh. He looks shorter in that picture. Was he standing in a sink-hole?

Dave was interviewed in Parade Magazine today. It even included a cartoon of him.

Dave isn't shorter. It's just that some of the rest of us are taller. My wife thought he looked a little heavier on TV last week but it was definitely the "10 pound syndrome" because in person Dave looked the same as ever only grayer.

I was going to mention that too, Layzee.

Dave was very funny on the Boca Raton seniors who confronted him (no other word will do) at the Costco signing Saturday afternoon.

*Return wave at Siouxie* Nice to see your non-wax-or-machete-wielding self, as well.

I was at a Costco madwarehouse store this afternoon, and it was an absolute zoo in the parking lot, in the aisles, on the lines, everywhere. Had Dave been there, I am certain he would have knocked baby carriages over to get the hell out of that place.

I eat at the CostCo food court so often, MTB, that when the nice lady takes my order, I tell her "That will be $1.62 please", to which she usually smiles and says "I'll have a hot dog."

A few weeks ago, my store had a local author (Not Dave, as he seems to have an aversion, or perhaps a restraining order, to Southern California) had a book signing. I stood in line for 10 minutes with my copy, only to be turned away. The author said I first had to buy the book, then return to have it signed. There were no signs anywhere stating this "rule". After seeing how long the checkout lines were, I told him
"No thanks, I think that I'll just wait for Dave Barry to write a book" and put his back on the shelf.

More remainders, aisle 5!

PB, I hate that. Dave will sign anything. In fact (and people who have read the new book will understand this), Siouxie had him sign her copy of "50 Shades of Grey" under where the author (sic) had signed it.

The nearest Costco to us down here (unlike our usual one in Brooklyn) has several self-checkout lines, which is a nice touch. This is also, however, the one where I actually saw an older woman complain that she wasn't given enough frozen yogurt, even though she needed a porter to carry the cup for her!

Dances with Vowels was seeking ANYTHING with Barry Manilow for one Naperville gathering. He wanted to test the "sign anything" boundaries.

' Dave will sign anything. In fact - Siouxie had him sign her "50 Shades of Grey" under where. . .'

jeff - you spelled underwear wrong


Thanks for providing this tape--a great way to start off my week! Well done, all! :)

late to the thread

*waves HI to all - you are all still looking good*

Crap, I missed it!

Um...I feel I must clarify. I did not have Dave sign my 50 Shades of Grey underwear. I had gone to her book signing and had her sign the cover of my Nook (where I had d/l the book). When I read Dave's hilarious excerpt about 50 Shades, I decided that it would be appropriate to have him sign that as well. He graciously did after having a chuckle.

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